My name is Saheem, I would like to introduce you to my website, SOUND HEALING.

If you’re unfamiliar with sound healing, it’s easy to understand.

Everything on earth, including you, is vibrating at a frequency. Sound is the purest frequency there is. When we experience pain and sadness, it manifests in the form of a frequency. Like an illness or infection, these unhealthy vibrations left untreated, become worse over time.

Negative emotions vibrate at a low level. People do not want to feel bad, so these emotions become ignored or buried.

Over time, As the rumbling of low frequencies builds up, they begin to manifest in your life. It could be self-sabotage, maybe you’re more irritable than normal. Understand that our bodies are mostly water, and water is vulnerable to manipulation, ESPECIALLY by sound and frequencies. This is a good and bad thing.

The only effective weapon against sinister vibrations is bright frequencies, that drown out and correct the sickness from the top down.

This is where the power of Sound Healing comes in. With music or intentional delivery of specific vibrations, the lower frequencies can be sped up, restoring balance to the body. Scientific studies prove the positive benefits of sound healing. Music and instruments such as singing bowls have been proven to be therapeutic.

Ask yourself, is this right for me?

Do you have feelings that you continue to bury? Are you sensitive to the power that vibrations and frequencies have over your mind and body? There are many like you, many of whom have chosen to use sound healing. Negative emotions have specific vibrations, and so do positive ones. Low frequencies build up over long periods, they are no match for high frequencies, which can drown out the ills of the lows.

Come and see my website, Sound Healing!